Cards + Wine = ?

It may be the strangest combination you've heard of, but whether you love wine, love games, or love both, Vinum offers fun, competitive, and educational excitement for casual players who want to learn more about wine, serious wine students honing their blind tasting skills, or wine aficionados who want some playful bragging rights over their friends! NOW AVAILABLE!Buy the Core Set!

Play. Learn. Have Fun!

Vinum is a game that is able to adapt to players of all skill and knowledge levels. It is simultaneously a fun outlet for people who enjoy games and wine as well as a study resource for wine students, as it aids with passive memorization of classic wine grapes and styles. It's easy to begin playing but employs sufficient strategy in game play to entertain more serious gamers.

Learn about wines. Discover deductive techniques crucial to blind tasting. Widen your wine horizons. Celebrate after winning!